Thursday, November 18, 2010

200–A Winter Favorite

We are finally having our first bit of cold weather here in Arkansas.  It’s been hard to believe that Thanksgiving is so close until the last week or so.  This cold snap has made me start that “chilled to the bone” feeling and I’m craving comfort food.  Tonight, Dave made the potato soup that I just love!! I could seriously eat it every night in the winter months.

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Can you believe that I’ve blogged 200 days in a row??? 165 days left in my Project 365.


Kayla said...

its SO weird listening to christmas music and not even having to wear a jacket!

at least while im at work, i have my little heater on!...i think it helps! :)

Susie said...

Yummy! I fixed chili the other night with grilled cheese.

Kimberley said...

hats off to you for posting everyday! that's an accomplishment in my book!

Dorothy said...

I really like hot Potato Soup! I would like some of Susie's Chili with grilled cheese, too! Right now, I have to make myself go in the kitchen and finish a big batch of Chicken Spaghetti. It freezes well and is even better after it has been frozen and reheated. I like to keep it on hand for times when I don't want to cook!

petrii said...

I LOVE comfort food!!!

It is really hard to believe that Thanksgiving is less than a week away. They are saying a HIGH of 37 for us on Thanksgiving. Crazy!!

Have a Blessed weekend friend,

Kelley said...

That looks so delicious! It would have been great today. It was cold and foggy here.

Real Simple said...

congrats! that is amazing. kinda like the Julie and Julia blog! since my new job....i don't blog as much! Happy "Thanks"giving! enjoy your time with family! i will!