Thursday, December 30, 2010

242–Girls Day

Someone got to spend the night with us last night.  That same someone woke up much earlier than I had bargained on.  Haha! 

She wanted toast for breakfast (well, that was her choice after asking for Fruit Rollups)…

123010 (8)

We went in to my office for a little while this morning… and then it was time to go back home for a nap.  After a short nap and some lunch we texted Jodi and told her we were ready to go to the movies.  We were a little early, so we stopped to look around at the Salvation Army for a little while.  Maddie found some chairs that she thought we should check out.

photo 4

Yep, you’d be right if you were wondering if I let her wear her slippers to town. Ha!! And don’t let Jodi’s outfit fool you… it was 60 degrees today, but since we FROZE PLUM TO DEATH at the theater the other day, she dressed up for the occasion.

After making a run through the store, we stopped for a surprise visit at Daisy’s office.  And then it was time for the movies.

Maddie already saw “Tangled” with her mom and Tyler, it was her first-ever movie at the theater, but I thought it would be fun to take her back.  (Kayla, you’ll be glad to hear that when I let her get some candy from the concession stand  she chose “Kayla candy” (Twizzlers). Have y’all priced candy and drinks at the movies lately??? Oh my stars!)

She looked so cute sportin’ her 3D glasses…

123010 (2)123010 (10)

She sat so good through the whole thing… I loved every minute of it with her.  She said the cutest things out loud during the movie… especially at the end when the theater was quiet and Rapunzel’s parents see her for the first time after all those years… Maddie gasped, “Her Mom and Dad!!” The audience cracked up.

123010 (3)123010 (4)

After the movie was over, we took Mads back to her Mom’s work so they could go visit a friend before coming back to the house.

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It was a fun day with a couple of fun girls!!


Dorothy said...

And it Does look like fun! And, Yes, I was wondering why Jacquie let Mads wear her bedroom shoes out to the store and movies. Then I thought, I know why! It was because she Wanted to wear them:) Right, Jacquie?

The Garners said...

SO FUN! I love that she wore those cute fuzzy boot/slippers! Lane took R & A to see Tangled yesterday and they all liked it.

Kayla said...

aw, such a fun day! love all the pictures! :)

i find myself talking about at least one of yall everyday now...move move move move move move move! :)

Jenn said...

She is just too cute!

Love the fact that you let her wear her fuzzy slipper boots!

When my oldest daughter was that age she wanted to wear her Snow White princess shoes everywhere!

Kelley said...

That was such a cute movie! MK loved it. Love that you let her wear those shoes! It looks like you had a fantastic day!