Tuesday, December 28, 2010

240– Boring!

Jodi and I went to see “How Do You Know” at the movies this afternoon.  I have to say it was a complete “sleeper”.  We thought it looked cute on the previews, but it was s.o.  s.l.o.w. and just not very good. (By the way, we didn’t know it was Rated R (language) until we paid for the tickets… I don’t normally do R movies… and this is just another reason why. Ha!)

When I was in the lobby, I saw this poster for an upcoming Mathew McConaughey movie.  Now, that may be good??



The Garners said...

I saw a preview for that MM movie when we went to see True Grit (which we liked) last week, and it did look good. I have to admit I kinda like Matthew. :)

Jenn said...

Don't ya just hate wasting money on crazy movies! Especially when they start the cussing. :/

That's why I love the $1.00 Redbox ones:)

And yeah, just about anything Mr. Mconaughey is in should be good! :D

Claire said...

Oooh, that MM film looks like it could be good - I must go google it!


Dorothy said...

I enjoy a real good, entertaining movie. These days, I don't watch movies much and the main reason is: they think everyone wants to hear the vulgar language they throw in between every other sentence. Guess I'm just an old fogey, prude or whatever.

Real Simple said...

we are so blessed to have a 2.00 flic place in our city! we just saw Secretariat (GREAT) family pic and Mao's last dancer (GREAT) both are true stories! recommend both. yes the 2.00 movie theater gets movies after they have hit the big movie theaters. but i am patient! i will wait. we might go see Unstoppable tonight. i love to go to the movies. i take my own 100 cal popcorn though! thanks for checking on my blog. i am glad to have the girls home! happy new year!

petrii said...

Okay, so that movies off the list (not that it was ever on it, since I hadn't heard of it).

Have you seen Chronicles of Narnia, The Voyage of the Dawn Treader? I REALLY want to see it!!! I LOVE those movies!!

Have a Blessed day,

Meagan said...

Aww boo! I really wanted to see that movie too, I'm a big fan of Reese's other films but I didnt know it was rated R. We decided a while back to stop watching R movies, we just didnt see the point in filling our minds full of useless filthy gunk anymore lol. I'm really glad you posted this because I badly wanted to see it & now I dont haha :)

p.s. sounds/looks like you guys had a great Christmas! Daisy's pics of you all were precious!

Kelley said...

I have heard True Grit is good. The last movie I saw was Tangled with MK. Very cute!

StitchinByTheLake said...

It won't matter if it's good or not - I'll go just to look at him. :) blessings, marlene

Kayla said...

guess rosalba and i will have to find another movie date. im a bit surprised, looked good. predictable, but good. AND K has a man-crush on Paul Rudd! haha

you have to see life as we know it. toooooo cute! and that baby was THE cutest thing ever!!