Friday, December 24, 2010

236–Christmas Eve 2010

It’s SO hard to believe today is Christmas Eve.  2010 has just flown by.  So much has happened this year… I can’t really wrap my mind around all the changes.  But, for today, I just want to think about the moment at hand.  The day I’ve had enjoying every minute with my family… all together… all my chicks in the nest.  This is truly my happy place.

Since we all stayed up until about 2:30 this morning, you’d think we would have slept in.  Nope.  Kale and Tyler had a 9:00 AM tee time.  Dave is a morning person anyway, so we were all pretty much up early. (DID I FORGET TO MENTION THAT DAVE GOT TO COME??)  This was what we were doing first thing this morning (pre-showers. lovely):

122410 (7)

While the boys golfed, David hung with us girls.  We actually just stayed at the house and before the boys got home, Maddie went down for a long nap. A few others got a little nap in later in the day, too.

122410 (13)

(Poor Tyler, since he’s sleeping on the couch this trip, he doesn’t get much privacy. Ha!)

Maddie got to open one present (from Tyler) today.  It was the doll that I found for her little matching dress…

122410 (8)122410 (5)

We had the best time playing with it this afternoon.  Just ask Kayla.  (I don’t think she knew I could be so completely goofy.)

Mads and her baby doll tonight…

122410 (16)

We spent tonight in the house.  Kayla, Daisy and Maddie made cookies for Santa while I played “Pitch” with David and my two favorite boys on earth. (We had planned on … and actually did… go to the Christmas Eve service at their church, but just before we left a big rain/lightning storm came and it’s a LONG walk from the church parking lot to the church.  So we ended up back at the house.)

Cookie preparations…

122410 (20)122410 (3)

Then there was a little gingerbread house work to be done…

122410 (18)

… and then when Mads went to bed us adults played “Apples to Apples”.  What a fun day with the people I love the most on this earth.  I am so blessed and have so much to be thankful for. 

Well, I’m off to bed, because Santa can’t eat these cookies until everyone is snug in their beds.

122410 (2)

Merry  Christmas to all… and to all a good night!


Kelley said...

I am so glad Dave got to go with you! It looks like you all are having so much fun! Maddie is so cute with her new doll and matching outfits. Can't wait for tomorrow.

Jenn said...

Yay - I'm glad your hubby was able to go too!

So much fun having family all together for Christmas. And that Maddie is just too cute in her matching dress with her little mini me doll! :)

Merry CHRISTmas!!!

Kimberley said...

the group photo is precious!! so glad dave is there!! maddie and her matching doll are adorable!! you are blessed with a beautiful family! merry christmas jacquie!

Rebecca Lingerfelt said...

Soooo glad you are all together! What a blessing. Enjoy your time. I LOVE the doll with the dress, sooooo sweet, both of them. The cookies, the gingerbread, the decorations, it is all so lovely and I know you are in heaven here on earth!
Merry Christmas to your family!

petrii said...

YAY!! So glad David got to go too!!!

Madi and her doll are just priceless!!

So glad y'all are having the best time.

Love you friend,