Monday, January 31, 2011

274–It’s Coming!

photo 2

The area in red is a “blizzard warning”.  I’ve lived in Arkansas since 1977 (33+ years) and I have never seen a “blizzard warning” in our viewing area.  I am hoping that the meteorologists are wrong about this weather system.

I love when Daisy sends me a morning snap shot of Mads… here she is modeling the “Tangled” shirt I bought her.

photo 1

Can you believe we have already gone through our first month of the new year???

Tomorrow is Daisy’s birthday… Happy Birthday, Daisy!!


Daisy said...

I bet it don't do nothing =)).. and thanks!!!!! 22 ugh haha

The Garners said...

Maddie is always smiling!!! So cute!

Happy Birthday to Daisy--hope it's a great (blizzard-free) day! :)

Jenn said...

When I see all of those warnings all I can say is "YIKES!" Praying you all don't get as much as they're predicting.

Maddie has the cutest little facial expressions! :D

Happy Birthday to Daisy!

Kimberley said...

Yes, we got sleet, now it's snowing. I just pray no power outages!

Kelley said...

We just have a lot of rain here, but if the temp drops, we are in trouble.