Friday, December 31, 2010

243–The End of 2010 (The Year in Review)

While Tyler and Daisy had a date tonight, David and I took Maddie on a little date.  We went to Chili’s for supper…

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…and then to Walmart for groceries… we are outrageous fun!

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2010 has been a good year.  It has been full of changes and new life experiences.  I wanted to go back and recap what life has brought us, so here’s my year in review:

JanuaryKale and Kayla had just moved to Texas and we were adjusting to missing them.  We had two snows in January and Tyler left to stay in Hot Springs for a month for work. I was feeling pretty lonely.

Tyler leaving for Hot Springs 010310 (1)

February – Tyler came home from Hot Springs, we were supposed to go to Houston for our first visit, but David’s cousin died and we delayed our trip.  Only two blog posts in the month.  I got to spend a little time cuddling my niece, Sophia…


March – Tyler moved out of the house to live with a friend.  This was a big adjustment for me and the source of a lot of worry and fret.  We made our first trip to Houston, but I didn’t blog about it until the next month.  I had an abscessed tooth and had to have a root canal. Fun times.

t and me

April – I finally blogged about our Houston trip – a month later.  We got Izzy on April 2.  Lots more changes in the Wallace house.


May – I started “Project 365” (a picture a day – a year in the life) on May 2.  I haven’t missed a day since I started. (Pat on the back)  May included posts about dog training classes, Blackberry breakdowns, Mother’s Day, the loss of my Uncle Bob, the end of “24” and “Jack Bauer”, buying Ms. Charlsie a recliner, and Memorial Day weekend.


June – Brought the loss of our 12 year old cat, Holly.  I started and finished a room makeover which we now call “the love room”.   Vacation Bible School took us to “Saddle Ridge Ranch”.  And Kale and Kayla (and Bosley) came home for the 4th of July.

062810 (1)

July – We celebrated our 27th wedding anniversary while the Ks were here, Daisy and Maddie came into our lives (and Tyler got his dog, Daisy, too).  Other July happenings included finally getting my crown finished, trading my Blackberry for my first iPhone, my cousin lost her husband in a motorcycle accident, and I made arrangements to go to Houston for the Labor Day weekend.


August – I spent most of August counting down the days til we would get to go to Houston.  August also marked the Preacher’s 25th anniversary as our pastor.  We spent a lot of the month falling in love with Maddie-Moo!!

Back Camera

September – Tyler moved back in (this was a huge answer to prayer…oddly enough), Dave, Tyler and I went to Houston, Maddie celebrated her 3rd birthday, and another Awana year started.

091810 (5)

October – Kale came home for a visit and so did several relatives, my parents celebrated 54 years of marriage, we saw MercyMe in concert.  I secured round-trip airfare to Texas (for February 2011) for $79.50 per ticket!  Maddie was the cutest Minnie Mouse ever!

102710 (7)

November – Tyler gave me the sweetest gift ever and God answered years of prayer in a nano-second.  Other November highlights include Election Day, our first fire, Daisy (the dog) had surgery, Operation Christmas Child, my brother got married and I lost my Uncle Don in the same day, Kale and Kayla’s first anniversary, getting ready for Christmas, and, of course, Thanksgiving.


December – We celebrated Charlsie’s 92nd birthday, most of the month was about Christmas (preparations, functions and just plain fun), we spent the best Christmas ever in Texas and we had lots of family time.

122510 (87)

122410 (2)

We’re so blessed and God has been so good to us.  He is our source of strength, our provider, our comforter, our ever-present help in times of trouble. He has shown us in the past year how His hand is at work and how He cares about our needs and hears our prayers.  I am praying that we will work harder in 2011 to serve Him and to love others and take the time to reach out to those in need.

May you be blessed in 2011 with an overwhelming sense of God’s presence in your lives!


Dorothy said...

What an interesting and blessed year you have had, Jacquie! We always have ups and downs, but thankfully, God is there to see us through! I hope your new year in great and maybe gives you a granddaughter;-)

StitchinByTheLake said...

A lovely recap Jacquie - what a wonderful year you had. God is so good. blessings, marlene

Kayla said...

aw, i love this post!! such a good year!! :)

petrii said...

Love the year-end recap. So great!!!

Looking forward to all your posts this year. I hope you stay with your 365. It is SO fun!!

Love you friend and Happy New Year,

Kimberley said...

sounds like a year of blessings! i hope 2011 is even better! :)

Susan Leonard said...

Beautiful post!! Happy New Year.

Heather said...

Happy, Happy New year, friend! May you continue to be blessed beyond measure in 2011!!

Jenn said...

A great recap with so many blessings!