Friday, May 7, 2010

005 – Precious Mail, The Continuing Blackberry Saga, and Graduation 2010


Look what I got today when I went to the post office.  TWO Mother’s Day cards!  One from Kale (who decided to also combine it as my birthday card, not that I’m bitter or anything) and the other from Kayla.  Kayla wrote the sweetest note and I sat out in the car in the parking lot and had a little cry.  Have I mentioned how great it is to have a girl in the family???

As for my mad Blackberry repair skills: the trackball seized up again today and so I decided to order one on eBay.  $3.99 and it will be here sometime next week. BUT, after cleaning it again (twice), it pretty much died… so, since I couldn’t find anyone who had an extra BB laying around, my sister recommended I stop by the Verizon store (we contract with AT&T).  I was a little embarrassed but not too proud to get my phone fixed, so I went in… and a nice boy put a brand new one in for FREE. (Thanks for the tip, Sharon #9!) Then he tried to persuade me to switch to Verizon. Does anyone have any reason why I should or should not consider Verizon besides the fact that the iPhone is an AT&T product only?

Tomorrow, Jodi and Gary’s daughter, Jessica, is graduating from college.  Kale graduated in December and should be walking tomorrow, too, but he’s been busy in Texas working instead. The diploma was enough to satisfy him. Ha! We’re sure proud of you kids!!


Kelley said...

Congrats to the graduates! That is so awesome and such an accomplishment. My parents use Verizon. I'll ask what they think.

Kayla said...

haha i'm not sure why kale put that in there! silly, boy! glad we both got surprises today! :)

i thought kale would have walked in december?? the plus side...he's a "W"!

Becky said...

It is wonderful having girls in the family, but equally as wonderful having boys as you well know.

As for AT&T, I wouldn't change....jus sayin'!

Have yourself a fabulous day Ms. Jacquie Sue Lou!!!!

StitchinByTheLake said...

I used Verizon for years and years. Only switched because my kids were with AT&T. blessings,marlene

Jaclyn said...

I love verizon and have no issues and I can go in there anytime and they r very helpful.

Jamie said...

I think we just have ATT because of the iphone?? I don't get great coverage when I come to Flippin though.

Happy Mother's Day Weekend--you are such a wonderful example of a Mom (and Mother in law!!). I hope your day is special.

Kyla said...

You and Kayla are so perfect for each other! Ha! I'm glad she has you :)