Saturday, May 8, 2010

006 – Pre Mother’s Day 2010


For Mother’s Day my sisters and I took my Mom out for lunch and a little shopping today.  Here we are at El Chico. (L-R: my niece Rebecca, Sharon #9, me, my niece Sophia, Kristin #11, Valerie #4, Mom, and Suzanne #3) It’s not very often 5 out of 6 of us Goulet girls can get together all at once, so it was great to have the time together today.

Sophia was so much fun and so sweet.  I really do think she’s possibly the most beautiful baby I’ve ever seen (well, at least the most beautiful GIRL baby).


Sophia (2) CIMG0836

And I wanted to congratulate my niece, Rebecca, who will be graduating this Monday night with her Associate’s degree.  She’s already begun working on her Bachelor’s.  She is a single Mom and she’s working really hard.  Way to go, Becc!! I’m proud of you!!

CIMG0839 Suzanne and her daughter, Rebecca


Kayla said...

Aww! I love girl time! This makes me wish I had sisters! :) so glad you could all get together!

Oh, precious Sophia! I'd be pretty pleased if our children turned out that cute. I'm pretty much just hoping they have my head size instead of Kales! Haha

Kelley said...

That's awesome to have so many sisters. What a fun time you guys must have had!

Becky said... have such a beautiful family! I'm glad you girls were able to get together and take momma with you!!!