Tuesday, May 11, 2010

009 – It’s a Canine Breakthrough


In the time that we’ve had Izzy she’s had a meeting with other dogs three times. The first time was with Jodi’s dogs… she has three of them.  Izzy seemed like she was going to do okay, and then she lit in to Jodi’s dog, Ginger, a couple of times.  I was a little mortified.

The next time I was walking her at the park and we met up with a beautiful BIG dog.  That dog was very sweet and friendly and they seemed okay together after sniffing for a little while, too.  And then Izzy lit into her, too.  Mortified, again.

Yesterday I asked Jodi if she could bring her calmest dog, Mercury (he’s 14 years old), to walk with us at the park.  I told her we were just going to walk them together before we let them do any sniffing and maybe that would help them to pack together.  Well, we just got back and it went great!! We walked about a mile together. At first Izzy was a little anxious, maybe curious, but then neither one of them paid any attention to the other.

Before we left, we let them sniff a little and there was no growling, no nipping.  I was thrilled.  I had Jodi take them both so I could take a photo and Mercury growled a little at Izzy, Izzy growled back, and then Merc snapped at her.  Izzy never snapped back.  That’s progress.

Izzy loves riding in the car.  I get so tickled watching her go down the road in the back seat.

CIMG0853 CIMG0857

Izzy’s getting ready to meet you, Bosley!!


Kayla said...

GOOD!!!! :)

Now, if I could get the puppy out of Bosley, we'll be doing just great!

I love her little, smushed face! haha

We have cute, pups!!!

Kelley said...

That sounds great! Izzy is so cute!
Can't wait for her to meet Bosley.

Kyla said...

aw, yay Izzy!!! I need to find someone to do that with Sam & I :)

I love her smushed face too! haha

Susie said...

Cute pics of her hanging out the car.