Friday, May 14, 2010

012 – Friday Night with the Howards


A typical Friday night for us is a night with Gary and Jodi.  Tonight, we went to Chili’s for supper.  Then for “fun” we went to Walgreens and drove through the Walmart parking lot to see if there were any interesting people to watch. Ha!

I can’t even imagine how exciting our Friday nights will get when T.J. Maxx opens here!!!


Kayla said...

Fun! Kale said it's supposed to
open this summer!! Good news for the 4th! Haha

Dorothy said...

Oh, I can spend hours and hours in TJ MAXX! Even if I don't buy a lot, it's fun to look!

Kelley said...

That sounds like the same things we do here. Except our date night is to Wal-Mart. A TJ Maxx is opening up in our town on Sunday at 8:00AM. Strange time.

Becky said...

Are you getting a TJ Maxx????? Say it isn't so!!!!! LUV that place!!!!

Kyla said...

I love your hair & glasses!!! So cute :)