Saturday, May 29, 2010

027 – Nothin’ Much to Post About

If you don’t count catching up my laundry, giving the dog a bath, and (constantly) cleaning up after a cat with a persistent urinary tract infection… we (Izzy and I) didn’t do much of anything today.  Well, except for a lot of this:


In the meanwhile, David was gone before 8 AM… moved cattle… worked in the hay (again) and then mowed our yard and finished weed eating at our house and then at Ms. Charlsie’s.

What do y’all do on holiday weekends??


Chris said...

Living on a farm and having cattle, it seems you are always busy, even when you have a long weekend! I went to Sam's stocked up on all my supplies, cooked supper for my kids (BB and Alex), watched a couple of movies! I have nothing really planned. Tuesday B and I have to return to U of A to finalize her housing, etc. I start summer school next Monday, not much of a break since school just let out Friday, but I graduate this summer so I am so excited I am through! Let me know what you do the rest of the weekend. I may be like David, in the hay if they start cutting today!

Chris said...

Oh yes, I will tell them you sent me if I visit the store. I have to get B some stuff for her dorm!

We go thru so I may stop and visit as we are passing, thanks so much!

Kayla said...

good for you for getting a picture in! izzy looks so cute laying there with you! boz is laying on me right now (making it pretty difficult to type!)

yall have a good day! :)

Kelley said...

With a new baby, we won't ever forget memorial day weekends.