Tuesday, May 25, 2010

023 – My New Blog Design


Today, we launched my new blog design.  Faith did such a good job designing something that “felt” like me… and, believe me, I was indecisiveness on so many aspects.  If you’re interested in giving your blog a new look, check out Faith’s website.  She’s a pleasure to work with! 


Kelley said...

I love it!

Becky said...

I've been wanting a new blog design, but like you....I feel I would be soooo indecisive!!!! Did you make suggestions or did Faith. I would for sure need help!!!!

BTW.....I LUV it!!!!

Susie said...

Looks great! I really like it.

His Doorkeeper said...

Jacquie, I LOVE your new blog design! Faith is just a wonderful young woman and I love everything she does!
Looks great!

Lauren Kelly said...

LOVE LOVE LOVE the new look :)

petrii said...


I LOVE your new design. As soon as I saw it load, I thought, oh it looks so much like you!!

It's just beautiful, just like you my friend.

Love you ~~ Dawn

Kyla said...


Kayla said...

LOVE it! :)