Wednesday, May 26, 2010

024 – My Old Jacks


This is my old set of jacks from grade school.  My “across the street” friend from Placentia sent them to me back in 2003.  She told me that she won them from me fair and square and was returning them to me after all these years so they’ve come full circle.  I don’t remember losing them to her, but I do remember the jacks.  They used to be yellow, but now the paint is worn off.  The bag is a creepy vinyl and in typical fashion… I wrote my name all over it.  (I did that to everything as a kid.)

My Old JacksJacquie Goulet’s Jacks


Kayla said...

how fun!! i'm pretty sure i've never played in my entire life. i remember seeing them and even having some but never playing!

Becky said...

I am laughing because I'm sure with a family as big as yours you had to put your name on something just to claim it!!!! LOL

I loved playing jacks as a little girl.....thanks for the memory!!!

Kelley said...

I loved reading this. I played Jacks with my great grandmother. I hadn't thought about that in a long time.

petrii said...

Oh how cute!!! I love that you have them!! Jacks are so fun.

Have a Blessed day friend,

Susie said...

That's neat she returned them to you. I loved playing jacks when I was a kid.

His Doorkeeper said...

You know I never played jacks as a child....maybe that accounts for my lack of coordination!
Cute post!

Kyla said...

haha, I was going to say the same thing as Becky!!! How neat that she returned them:)

StitchinByTheLake said...

I can't believe you still have your old jacks! I'm so jealous - I wonder if they still sell those? I was the school champion. :) blessings, marlene