Monday, May 10, 2010

008 – Our Dog Whisperer


This is Izzy’s trainer.  Today was Izzy’s second (and last for now) training session.  She is doing great on a leash and I’m working on the sit/stay command and some techniques to keep her calm.  I’m also reading a couple of Cesar Millan (The Dog Whisperer) books. 

Cesar's Way Be the Pack Leader

Have y’all seen that show?  He is crazy good with dogs.  They just instinctively listen to and obey him.  I’ve learned a lot from watching him, so I’m hoping the books will help me to understand even more about how a dog thinks and what Izzy needs from me to be a happy dog.  Plus, I want her to be ready to meet her nephew, Bosley, when they come for a visit this summer!!


Kayla said...

man, i can't believe how big she is!! look at poor, daddy on the cover of the book! if only we could get bosley to be that good! haha

i'm hoping bosley does a little growing up before their big meeting but i just don't see that happening! haha

Kelley said...

That is so cool. There are classes like that in our area too. I haven't read his books, but it sounds like he has a gift.

Susie said...

I think that guy is great! I've seen his show a few times. I hope Izzy continues to do well.

Kyla said...

I've read a couple of Cesar books- I do think he has a gift! Have you ever watched Victoria Stilwell on Animal Planet? I think she's more my speed, & shows you practical training...

Izzy is big!!!! Cute:)