Thursday, July 1, 2010

060 – Day at the Lake

Here are a few pictures of our day at the lake…

070110 Peel AR (4) 

Kale and Bosley before heading down to the water

070110 Peel AR (5)

Izzy and Bosley after they went for a “swim”.  The water was the perfect temp.

 070110 Peel AR (6)

The Ks enjoying their first swim as a married couple

070110 Peel AR (7)

Dave – he rarely gets in the water!!

070110 Peel AR (3)

Izzy was worn out after her swim

070110 Peel AR (8)

This is what happens after you’ve been told it’s a stocked kitchen and the only can opener provided is this bottle-opener kind! Dave did the best he could with what we had.

We taught the kids how to play “Pitch” tonight and had the best time.  By about 10:30 though, we decided we just wouldn’t be able to sleep well in beds this size…

070110 Peel AR (1)

…so we left our food and came home to sleep.  We’ll be going back to the lake tomorrow, though, for more fun in the sun.


Lauren Kelly said...

How fun!!!! Sounds like a great day!!! :)

Susie said...

I can't believe you went home to sleep. How funny! I guess we'll do anything for a good nights sleep!

Ya'll have a great weekend!

Becky said...

OMG!! I can't believe you came home to sleep!! lol You spoiled little brats!! lol Looks like you guys had a great day at the lake!!! Happy 4th!!!!

Chris said...

How fun! This sounds like you had a great day! Have a great 4th.

Kelley said...

Sounds fun! My Dad loves to play Pitch. I haven't thought about that game in years.