Saturday, July 17, 2010

076 – Saturday Catch Up


I spent most of today catching up my finances (and my laundry too).

I’ve used Quicken Deluxe software for YEARS.  Kale keeps telling me that I really need to get with the times and use what all the tech savvy people are using these days (, etc.), but I’ve used Quicken for so long and have developed my own electronic “envelope” system with it that it would be SO hard to give it up.  Plus, I like to be able to know what I spend every penny on (that’s good and bad) and have access to all my tax information with the click of the mouse.

My only issue is that I would LOVE to be able to put my purchases (debit card, credit card, etc) into my phone and have them sync with my Quicken software so that I don’t put it off for two weeks and then have to spend the day like I did today… playing catch up.  So, Kale did a little investigating for me the other night and found an application (Pocket Money) that I can use on my new phone to enter my purchases and later export it to my Quicken file.  I downloaded it and the syncing software today and I think I’ve got it figured out… it’s a little cumbersome, but I’m going to give it a try.  I’m hoping Intuit will realize there are people out there that want to sync with their desktop Quicken software.

So that was my Saturday… but I guess it beats being out in 100 degree heat!

Wish Kayla was here, we might’ve got out the $2.50 rafts instead.


Dorothy said...

What would we do without good ole Quicken!!! Used to use a version of it at work way back when, and now I use it for our personal record keeping. I don't have one of those new phones like yours, yet!