Tuesday, July 27, 2010

086 – Big Job!

Tonight we had a maintenance/clean-up night at the church.  We vacuumed and painted and changed out light bulbs and generally worked the place over.  Keeping a church clean is a BIG job… be sure to thank your church custodian for all their hard work.

072710 (1) 072710 (2) 072710 (3) 072710 (4)


Kelley said...

Your church looks beautiful!

Dorothy said...

You are so right, it IS a big job. The custodian should be thanked and then there are a lot of little jobs and special touches around that others try to take care of. I tried to do some of these when I worked as secretary at our church when I caught up with my regular work. There's always something to do!

His Doorkeeper said...

I can't believe you took pictures...of course I wanted to but didn't! I told Steve he has been preaching some harsh sermons cause people's hair was all over the pews!! Must have fallen out during his sermons! har har

Everything looked good and smelled great when we left!
Thanks to you and Dave for your help and all the others that came! We need to do this at least twice a year!

Kayla said...

judy's comment just cracked me up! good for yall for coming together for some good ole cleaning!