Saturday, July 3, 2010

062 – Last Day

We started our last day together by going to see Ms. Charlsie.  We found her at work in the garden.

070310 Charlsie and Dave in the garden

She was gathering corn.  Here it is after we shucked it.

070310 Charlsies and Daves corn

Before we left, I snuck a photo of her and Kale together.  (She really didn’t want her picture taken when she was dirty from the garden, but I didn’t want to miss a chance at the two of them together.)

070310 Charlsie and Kale For lunch, the four of us went to A&W.  The last time Kale and Kayla went there was the day before their wedding.  They scheduled a little last date together there.  So it has special meaning to Kale…although, it may just be the “frosty mug” he loves!

070310 the Ks 070310 I’ve been so sad all day. I’m just dreading saying goodbye in the morning.  They’re getting an early start and going to make the trip in one day.  This momma is going to have a quiet, empty house again.


Kelley said...

Saying goodbye is a tough one. I am thinking about you today. I hope that the house won't be too quiet. You are right, MK is looking so much older these days. It makes me sad.

Dorothy said...

Saying goodbye is tough!! Although we were so glad to get Joe and Kay back home, I feel like I have a touch of 'empty nest' symdrome, after being with them for the past two months.