Sunday, July 11, 2010

070 – Stormy Day

We had a great day of worship today.  Our youth group just returned from Glorietta, New Mexico, and shared their testimonies tonight about what God’s done in their lives this week. They are a remarkable group of teenagers who have a heart for the Lord and for serving Him.

It’s been a stormy day.  (And decent nap weather, although, I only took a short cat-nap.)  After church, I had to run to get a few groceries and I caught these pictures of the sky JUST before it started storming again.

070 071110 (4)


Kayla said...

I think Kale would be pretty impressed with that first picture. He loves cloud pics! Glad you got a good nap in today and they got back safely! :)

Becky said...

Gorgeous pictures!!! We finally got some much needed rain today...praise the Lord!!!

The Garners said...

Beautiful pictures!

We got more rain today--it's so nice for this time of year!

petrii said...

Yep that's what it looked like here to. We didn't get the really bad storms here, but it did rain a lot.

GREAT photograhy!!!

Have a Blessed week girl,

Susie said...

Nap?!?!? Sounds good but we were too busy yesterday. Glad you got rain.

Kelley said...

What neat pictures. It is stormy here today too. We needed the rain so bad. Hope you are having a great day! Mine has been great. Mary-Kate slept through the night last night. Since bringing Mady home, she hasn't slept through the night at all. She wakes up 3 and 4 times a night. Mady was sleeping better than her. It has been rough because she has been so tired through the day. Mady only got up one time last night. I got to sleep from midnight to 5:45. Yay, that's perfect compared to what it has been.