Thursday, July 29, 2010

088 – Two Things and More “Pill Pocket” Miracles

Two things I’m thankful for today:

- I ran into this on my way home from town this evening…

 Back Camera

Unfortunately, it didn’t last long, but I LOVE a summer rain… especially the way it smells!!

- We have air conditioning at the house again as of today!!!

I went to Ms. Charlsie’s this evening to take her some stuff she asked me to pick up at the store.  Her little dog, Sweetie, has early stages of renal failure and is supposed to take a Pepcid every day.  She told me last night that she hasn’t been giving them to her because she can’t get Sweetie to take a pill. At all. 

So, I went to Petco this evening and picked up some of those “Pill Pockets” that worked so well with Holly.  I got SO tickled when she tried to shove it down Sweetie’s throat.  I tried to tell her to offer it to her like a treat, but she either didn’t hear me or didn’t trust me, I dunno.  Anyway, after a few attempts, Sweetie started licking her lips and could taste the Pill Pocket.  I loaded another one up with the pill and told Charlsie to try to just set it in her food bowl and see if she’d think it’s a treat.  As Charlsie leaned down to put it in the bowl, Sweetie just took it from her hand and ate it. Charlsie got so excited and said, “SHE ATE IT! RIGHT OUT OF MY HAND!” Thrilled her to no end.  She’s a hoot.


Real Simple said...

hey there...this is betsy (real simple) thanks for your comment on my blog. appreciate you reading and staying in touch! Yesterday my baby turned 18! wow! glad things are well with you! enjoy your posting also! thanks again for the encouragement. HIS HANDS are gripping me tightly and sustaining me!!!!

Lauren said...

I love Ms. Charlsie and I don't even know her, haha!! :)

Claire said...

Oh, I love summer rains! I hope we get some soon!


Kelley said...

I like summer rains too! Ms. Charlsie is adorable.