Thursday, July 22, 2010

080 – My 30 Year Old Baby Quilt

My sister, Valerie (#4), was the first of my siblings to have a baby.  When she was pregnant, Suzanne (#3) made this baby quilt for her…

081 That was back in 1980.  Jeremiah was born in January of 1981. 

After Valerie got done with it, I think Suz’s kids might’ve actually used it.  Then, later it got passed down to me.  It was seven years old when I got it and I’ve had it ever since… 23 years now.  I got so attached to it…I couldn’t bring myself to pass it on.

When it was new it was super thick.  You could barely fold it because of how thick it was.  Time (and the washer and dryer) have worn it almost completely out.  Look at how many holes have made their way into it.  The batting is coming out, the material is so faded… but it has been a favorite of mine for all these years.

I don’t know if Suzanne even knows what ever happened to it… but it found its home with me.

Kale and Ty 1989

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His Doorkeeper said...

Love old baby few of my own! LOVE your two "babies" on the quilt. Wouldn't you just love one whole day of having them that size again????

Kelley said...

I love baby quilts! I have saved some of MK's quilts for Mady to use. My mom saved some of mine to use for both girls. They look worn out too but hold a lot of meaning for me.

StitchinByTheLake said...

Several years ago I found a similar baby quilt (though more of a youth size) at a yard sale. It too has holes but it's the softest thing ever and I love having it to cover with for a nap and to take in the car when Jerry is freezing me out! blessings, marlene