Friday, July 9, 2010

068 – Fester’s Handiwork

These are the closet doors that Tyler replaced.  They aren’t painted yet (hopefully I’ll get to that this weekend), and they still need a little trimming around the frame (from the house settling), but they are a BIG improvement over the bi-fold doors we had.



Kayla said...

what would you do without him!?!

I miss our honeymoon suite :(

Kelley said...

I love the doors. The room is beautiful.

The Garners said...

They look nice! He's so handy!

Chris said...

I love the doors, you are not going to believe this, my bedspread is the same color as you have AND the doors, I love it.....LOL p.s. the fan matches the one in our bedroom.....are we sisters?