Saturday, August 7, 2010

097 – Getting Ready To Celebrate


Today we’ve been putting the finishing touches on the 25th Anniversary celebration we’ve got planned for the Preacher (and Judy).  I can’t even say in words how much they mean to me and my family, in particular.  I became a Christian at the age of 25 in 1990 and have been a member of our church ever since.  I started as our church secretary in 1994.  So, you can imagine how much I’ve come to love and appreciate Steve and Judy and their family over all these years.

They truly love the Lord… and while they are as human as the rest of us, I can honestly say I don’t know any two people who give of themselves so sacrificially, who have a burden for lost people (all over the world), who share the true love of Christ in the everyday things, and who strive to live for Him each and every day… as Steve and Judy do.  They are the real thing.

I am so honored and blessed to work alongside them with our church family.


Kayla said...

They are pretty incredible, I must say! :)

Dorothy said...

As a former church secretary, I understand how you must feel! I know your celebration will be great. It is, indeed, an honor to work alongside people like that!

Kelley said...

Happy 25th! That is amazing.

The Garners said...

It was such a great day! The service was wonderful!

Great to see you, David & your pup last night! We never seem to have enough time to visit at church, so it was fun to have a little bit more time to talk!