Tuesday, August 17, 2010

107 – Typical Tuesday

Today was a pretty typical Tuesday… I went to work and trained this evening.  So, I’ll just show you the deer that were in my yard this morning when I woke up.

Back Camera 

I’ve been seeing deer just about every morning on my walk with Izzy.

Hey, Kale, did Daddy tell you about the SEVEN bucks we saw on the way to church Sunday night?  Seven of them, all with horns!!


Kelley said...

Those are gorgeous! My in-laws have a lot of deer in their yard, too. Too bad my nephew who likes to hunt can't seem to find any during the season.

Dorothy said...

That would be great to wake up and see all those deer in the yard!!!
Those are antlers, Jackie, not horns(Smile) Just kidding you a little!!!

Susie said...

Aren't they pretty? We saw 4 bucks the other day going down the Trace.