Monday, August 9, 2010

099 – Hot and Tired

We have NOT had a break from this hot weather.  I don’t have to be outside in it much (thankfully), but the heat is just exhausting. These are perfect for a little summer relief … I have love for them!


Have I told you that my dog is a scaredy-cat??? When I took her out to do her business this morning a walnut fell on the shop roof and she thought it was a gunshot or something and freaked out and would NOT go to the bathroom.  I tried to get her to go for 30 minutes (I’m outside in my robe all this time, mind you)!!! I finally put her in her crate and left without her having gone to the bathroom.  Luckily David comes home at lunch and lets her out.  I don’t know why she is so scared of loud noises. I’d hate to have to have Dave put a layer of felt on the metal shop roofs.


Kelley said...

My dad had a dog like that once. I don't know what makes them do like that.

His Doorkeeper said...

I'll trade you.....I have a lab who sits outside the patio door and watches me and CRIES until I come out!! Talk about spoiled!!

Susie said...

Love those fudge bars! Yummy!

Someone may have scared her severely with loud noises when she was a puppy.

Real Simple said...

you know what is also good and "legal" on WW is vitamuffins and sugar free choc. pudding cups. you heat the muffin and heat the pudding and pour it on the is a legal 2 pt. dessert that is like a choc. molten cake! i love their ice cream too. your blog is sooo precious! my first girl is leaving this sat. i am trying to be strong! (with JESUS' help!)
the pain i feel today is nothing to compare to the joy that is coming!