Thursday, August 19, 2010

109 – Dear Kale and Tyler

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Dear Kale and Tyler,

Today is once again the first day of school.  I know it’s been four years since I got to take a picture on the front porch, but I miss those days -- on days like this.

First Day of Kindergarten 1992-93 Kale First Day of Kindergarten 1994-95 Fester

I miss the excitement that came with the first day of school. New school supplies, backpacks, and matching outfits!!

First Day of School 1994-95 First Day of School 1995-96 First Day of School 1996-97 First Day of School 1997-98

And then you started getting too old for matching and you didn’t care so much about school supplies and backpacks. School Pictures 2001-02First Day of School 2003-04 First Day of School 2004-05 And then you left your momma and moved out into the great big world and are finding your own way.  I am so proud of you both… and pray for you daily that (despite all the parenting we did) you would be exactly who God has planned for you to be!

But, I still have moments that I just want to go back and have a first day of school with you again!

I love you,



The Garners said...

Well, I wasn't sad about the first day of school...until I read this!!! :) Your boys grew up TOO fast, and I'm sure the same will be true of my kids. What sweet, fun, handsome sons you have!

Kimberley said...

awww, sweet post. in 2 short years i will be walking my first into kindergarten. talk about boo hoo!

Jenn said...

What a precious post! I love the pictures on the porch :) You can tell they had a good upbringing by that sweet letter you wrote them.

When we started homeschooling a few years ago one of the things I knew I would miss was the first day of a new school year. We still have them only by the second day we get to wear our p.j.'s!

His Doorkeeper said...

Oh, how I love this post! I love seeing them "grow up" right before our eyes and remembering just how they looked! Precious memories Jacquie!

I'm sure you'll hear from them later!! har

Lauren said...


Dorothy said...

Nice that you thought to make all those pictures of your boys going to school! My little 6 foot plus grandson started to Mississippi State this week! Where does all the time go??????

Kelley said...

That is such a sweet post! I will have to remember to take pictures of the girls on their first days of school!