Wednesday, August 25, 2010

115 - Not Quite Full Moon

The moon has been gorgeous!! I tried to get a good picture tonight, but I didn’t have much luck.  (See what I mean, Kale?)

115082510 (1) 082510 (3)

Tyler made it back late last night (early this morning) from the East Coast… thankfully.  Lots of driving and one nervous momma – so I’m grateful he’s home safe and sound.

And our countdown to Houston stands at NINE days.  Oh the excitement!!

***I’m watching my DVR’d episode of Big Brother right now and I’m cracking up because Brendon got the POV!!! Haha!***


The Garners said...

I'm not a Brendon fan, but he deserved that POV!! How funny was the bath thing every hour!?

Kayla said...

the last one looks good!

i LOVE that the only light i see there is the moon. we sure don't have that here...

i really really really love that your countdown is down to the single digits!

Susie said...

The moon really has been beautiful these last few nights. I have a hard time catching a good pic of it too.

Glad you are enjoying your Big Brother show!