Friday, August 13, 2010

103 – A Girl and Her Chocolate

081310 (3)

I decided to take a relaxing day off from work today and Izzy-B and I slept in until 9 AM! I jumped in to some walking clothes, brushed my teeth and headed out the door to the park to take her for a walk… BUT when I got on my front porch I realized it was already too hot to do any serious walking, so we just hit my dirt road again.  It is MUCH hotter at 9 AM than at 6:45!!!

I did a little light housework and a lot of vegging out and then I met JoJo after she got off work and we went to get pedicures.

081310 (2)

Can you see us in the mirror? Jodi is behind that picture on the counter. Ha!

We met the Howards and Tyler, Daisy and Miss Maddie for supper.  We tried two different places with WAY TOO LONG waiting lines before we settled on the Pizza Hut… again.  Jodi and I decided that Maddie needed to be introduced to the loveliness of chocolate dunkers. 

HERSHEY'S® Chocolate Dunkers®

She has yet to taste the dunkers, because she can’t get past the goodness of the chocolate… Ha!

081310 (8)081310 (7)  081310 (6) She’s my kind of girl!!!


Kayla said...

haha she's TOOOOO cute! I can't wait to hang out with yall!!! What are yall wanting to do while you're here???

Jenn said...

LOVE pedicures and LOVE chocolate! She is too precious with that chocolate on her little nose!
That may or may not have ever happened to me before with some yummy chocolate dip :P

Dorothy said...

Like Jenn said, Chocolate and don't get any better than that! Glad y'all had fun!

Heather said...

It is SOOOO HOT!!! We ran yesterday morning at 5 am and I promise you it was a million degrees!!! They said 80 but it felt more like 100!!!!! I am ready for FALL! :)

Kelley said...

That looks like how I eat chocolate, yet not as cute. She is adorable.