Friday, August 20, 2010

110 – I’m Not a Morning Person

I am NOT a morning person.  Never have been.  They say as you get older you start waking up earlier.  Apparently, God doesn’t think I’m old all the way just yet. Ha!

But, if I were a morning person, I would definitely be into that thing they call sunrise! Morning skies are amazing!

Morning sky (4)Morning sky (1)Morning sky (3)


Dorothy said...

It's fun to get up before dawn sometimes and watch the sun come up! Happy weekend!

Claire said...

Gorgeous photos!


Betsy said...

I am soooo not a morning person either! If I can sleep till around 7:30 I'm usually okay, but 5:00 is going to KILL me next week!

The sunrise IS pretty though! :)

Kelley said...

I am not a morning person either. your pictures are really nice.