Wednesday, August 11, 2010

101 – Poor Cucumber Plant


David has a huge garden down the road that he shares with Ms. Charlsie.  But, this is his cucumber plant that he has planted in a pot in our yard.  Poor plant. I think it has heat exhaustion.

I just got done watching “Big Brother” tonight.  It’s getting crazy! Who are y’all rootin’ for and who do you think needs to go??


The Garners said...

Big Bro IS getting crazy! The thing tonight with Kathy's apology (or lack of) made us laugh! I think I like Enzo, Hayden & Lane the best. I would be SO happy if I didn't have to hear the phrase "Brendon and I" any more on the show!

Kelley said...

I haven't gotten to watch it this season. I am so out of the loop. If it isn't Baby Einstein or on Noggin, I don't know what it is. Ha!

Susie said...

I think the heat is getting to us all Jacquie.

I'm not watching Big Brother this season but have in the past. Hope your fav wins.

Dana said...

Crazy is not the word for it. I will be so glad if Rachel is voted off. I think Brendon will come to his sences then! That girl is so annoying!