Tuesday, August 24, 2010

114 – Because It’s Day 114

You’re gonna have to forgive me.  Some days it’s hard to come up with a photo for this 365 day project!! So I’m just going to write about something that’s going on in our neighborhood today.

These signs were put up on our dirt road one day last week …

081910 (4)081910 (3) 

I was secretly hoping they would pave our dirt road. Ha!  No such luck.  But, today they put a fresh layer of “chip and seal” on our paved road.

Back Camera

It’s pretty bad when that’s the highlight of my day.

I was in my office the whole day, I worked through lunch and didn’t even go get my Subway sandwich.  (How I missed you turkey/ham with pepper jack!!)

After work, I took Izzy’s vaccination records to the kennel to get ready for our trip NEXT week, went to visit Ms. Charlsie for a while… and then I had to go get groceries.

Aren’t you glad you got to experience all the fun of my day with me??? I’ll try to take it down a notch tomorrow!


Susie said...

Girl that is more excitement than I can handle. hehe!

Sounds much like my day. But there isn't anything wrong with slow days!

Kimberley said...

you're funny! i know how you feel, sometimes i feel like i just ramble on my posts.

Kelley said...

That sounds about like my day. I am exhausted these days. I love weekends for resting up.