Monday, August 2, 2010

092 – HOT, Bananas, and a Couple of Cuties

It’s just plain hot these days.

Here’s what my car display read when I left work this evening.  HOT!
I stopped off to get some groceries on my way home and look at the bananas I had to choose from...

No produce
There wasn’t much there for potatoes, either.  What’s up with that?
My sister, Kristin #11, was in this past weekend and look at these cuties she brought with her…
073110 (18) 073110 (20) 073110 (21)


Kelley said...

It has been so miserably hot. I love the summer, but this heat is rough. My sister who lives in Alaska was here visiting our DAD and couldn't get over the humidity.

Kayla said...

its so hot!!! its seriously miserable to me.

what is the deal with the fruits and veggies??

they are getting SO big!! WOW!

Lauren said...

I with you girl, I am over this heat and ready for Fall!!!

Dorothy said...

I'm counting down the days until Fall! And yes, your cuties ARE cute!!! Enjoy them!

His Doorkeeper said...

I was in the same store last night and thought, "What's up with the bananas? Did they have a run on bananas in town?? I NEEDED BANANAS!! GREEN bananas!

The kids are precious! The baby girl is GROWING FAST!

Anonymous said...

It is hott! You have a beautiful family. I'm not sure about you, but I'm ready for some fall weather.